Beckett is one of the birds most dear to my heart, so much so that I had a playful rivalry with a coworker over who got to take him out with guests. Why do we love him? Well, it’s because he’s adorable and a… bit socially unaware. 

When you’re a male Harris hawk, you know to back off when it comes to the females, unless you want to end up in trouble. Beckett hasn’t quite gotten the memo yet, and it comes back to bite him when he fails to pay attention (which is most of the time). No matter how many times the females try to give him a pointed lesson, he still seems blissfully unaware of the bird laws he’s breaking. Beckett evidently likes cuddles, because when he flies with the females, instead of giving them the usual couple inches of space when landing on a branch together, he lands wedged right up against their side, looking perfectly happy there.

Then they give him a contemptuous look and knock him off the perch, after which he drifts to a lower branch, looking sadly bewildered. 

You’ll figure it out one day, Beckett. Maybe.